ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

ACKS Me Later

Still in the wizard’s cairn turned hideout, the party decided to push deeper into the tunnels. After being grossed out by some rot grubs, they moved a pile of garbage and debris to access the rear of the cairn. There they found some normal seeming equipment that still seemed magical, a poor gelatinous cube, and a secret door leading out the back of the hill.

Believing that more bandits might come back, the party set up camp in the gelatinous cube room, but neglected to set alarms or watches outside of the room. So they were surprised when the mage Lavinia and her half-orc sons came back and attacked.

It was a ferocious fight, but the party prevailed. Lavinia escaped, but her sons were all slain. The party then returned to Hornwood with Lavinia’s map they found in the cairn.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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