ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

ACKSey Road

After Harbet and Symes failed to shakedown Gibbs, but did succeed in stealing from him and burning his store down, and Vexeria paying to have Schala turned back to flesh, the party set out for Niole Dra.

The only eventful happening on the journey was the sighting of a dragon that Nodnarb’s Augury spell implied was named Aulicus.

In Niole Dra, the party met with Vindle Morgenar, an archmage and collector of magical weapons. They traded the two-handed sword they’d found in the sewers of Istvin for 3 less powerful weapons.

Next, the party commenced to hire an army of mercenaries: seven 15 man units of cavalry including three units of light cav, two of medium, and two units of horse archers.

Hearing rumors from their mercenaries that there was a bandit problem in the north, they travelled to the city of Eor to meet the Count of Eor, John Brunis. The Count approved of the party and had them meet with the merchants who had been robbed by these bandits. During the meeting an evil cleric in disguise as a cleric of the Shield Maiden cast a Flame Strike on the count and the party. There was a short fight, but the cleric escaped. Vowing revenge, the party agreed to destroy the bandits and whatever evil was behind them.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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