ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

All Your Basement are Belong to Us

The party continued to explore the Lakeside Villa. In the southern library they found 3 books, a book of epic poetry with the pictures ripped out, which Sterling took, a book on fishing the Bock took, and a text on Cenozoic geology that Nornarb took. He noticed that on the first page, “Cenozoic” is written “Cinozoic.”

In the northern library they found a secret door into a room with two lecterns with books on them. When they took a book, an iron cobra sprung from its hiding place and attacked. But Bock said the code word “cinozoic” and deactivated the cobra. Nodnarb decided to keep the cobra.

They descended the stairs. On their way down, they were attacked by small floating green clouds that could reach right through armor to deliver their necromantic touch. After defeating these whisps, the party came to a large room with an evil black presence in the middle. It was guarded by more whisps, which attacked. Harbet was knocked unconscious in the battle. After being healed, his knee could barely support his weight and he could only walk very slowly.

Next they searched a boat launch that in the past had led out into the lake through a tunnel. Not finding anything interesting, they searched some newly constructed tunnels to the east. These tunnels turned out to be the lair of a tribe of gnolls. There was a huge battle with dozens of gnolls, but the party prevailed.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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