ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Ap-orc-alypse III: Armag-Ettin

Hearing an ettin smash his way into city hall, the party quickly prepared themselves for battle. Nodnarb was smashed to the ground in one hit. Realizing the ettin might be out of their league, the party decided to retreat out one of the second-floor window. Ormund heroically tried to acrobatically grab Nodnarb and jump down the stairs with his unconscious body. He failed spectacularly, rolling down the stairs with Nodnarb’s body and landing at the feet of two orcs guarding the door.

The rest of the party jumped out the second story window, chased by the ettin. Once in the street, Lydia realized that the slaves in the barracks across the street had overcome their captors and were making an escape. After slaying the orcs attacking Ormund, the party fled with the slaves away from city hall and the ettin.

Fleeing for the bridges over the river, the party encountered orcs and ogres guarding the bridge. A bloody fight ensued and the ettin caught up to them. After failing to escape from it, they finally stood their ground and through dumb luck were able to defeat it.

The party managed to make it back to Oytpass Keep where the were greeted as heroes and liberators.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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