ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Drow Do You Do?

After fighting the Skull Lord, half the party decides to head back to the surface, leaving Harbet, Bock, Jefe, Vexeria, and their henchmen in the sewer. They killed the drow prisoners. Really wanting to know what was up with that giant pile of probably-trapped treasure, they prodded it with a 10ft pole, knocking some coins off the pressure plate. This caused a giant stone wall to block the stairway and activate two more bone golems. Symes went down during the fight, severely injuring his leg.

Going back to the statue room, Bock tried to open the main door. But the statue asked him “Are you prepared to make the sacrifice?” Not knowing what that meant, but not liking the sound of it, Bock said, “No.” Lamenting the lack of drow prisoners to use in the statue room and low on spells and hit points, the party decided to camp in the crypts for several days to recuperate. Luckily, they were well provisioned.

With everyone healed except for Symes, who needed more rest to regain use of his leg, the party decided to continue exploring to see if they could find a way out. Using the statue room to open a southern door, the party found a room with two huge pools of sewage. Crossing a bridge between the pools, they were attacked by otyughs, of course. And then from across the room appeared several drow who waited to see what would happen with the fight. When it appeared the PCs would win, the drow attacked.

Bock, deciding he wasn’t going out like that, attempted to parlay with the drow, which stopped the fight. The drow captain was summoned. The drow wanted access to the surface, but couldn’t get through the magically locked doors from their side. The PC’s wanted the drow’s help opening the door to the surface. When the drow said they had no idea how the door worked, the PC’s bolted. The captain sent several drow and bugbears after the PCs. The party let a couple of bugbears through the doors, then slammed it shut. They took the bugbears prisoner and tricked them into the statue room, making one a sacrifice that opened the door to the surface. They took the substantial treasure and triumphantly returned to the surface.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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