ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

It Was Nice Gnolling You

Continuing to explore the gnoll caves, the party fought some spiders, more gnolls, hyenas, more spiders, and then found the skulk they had been looking for. It wore the Sentinel , a artifact of great power. The Sentinel spoke in the minds of the party, telling them it had awakened after a long sleep recently. It had been created to defend the Keep of Adlerweg from an artifact known as the Gauntlet. It said it could feel that the Gauntlet had taken the Keep of Adlerweg from it’s defenders. If it could hold the Keep, an important pass from Geoff into Sterich will be in the clutches of the forces of evil. It wants to travel to the Keep and destroy the Gauntlet. To do so, it chose a bearer to wear it. It chose Lordinel.

The wererats were pleased that the skulk would not be showing up anymore. They pledged to help the liberators of Geoff. The party decided to regroup back at Oytpass Keep before tackling the Keep of Adlerweg.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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