ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Let me ACKS You a Question

Free to pursue whatever goals they chose, the party decided to find the hill giants they spotted returning from Oytmeet with the refugees. On the journey there, they came upon a gorgon crossing the barely used road. The terrible beast immediately charged. In the battle, sSchala was turned to stone by the monster’s breath. Her stone body was fused to her horse’s body and there was no way to move her.

Tracking the gorgon back to its lair, Ormund sneaked inside the cave. There he discovered five other gorgons and several statues of other victims. He retreated and the party moved on.

Mozgov picked up the trail of some hill giants where they had been spotted before. They found four hill giants lairing on top of a hill in some ruins. Jonas used his ventriloquism spell to lure a giant away from the camp and the party ambushed it, easily slaying it. The other three realized they were being fooled and decided to investigate but were also rather easily slain.

After looting the giant’s treasure, the party headed back to Oytpass Keep. Just a few miles from the keep the giants had their revenge. Eight hill giants, four on either side of the road. The party bolted past, trying to escape, but the brutal barrage of boulders felled Jonas, Lydia, and Ormund.

The survivors reached the keep and are attempting to rally a force to pursue the giants.

Shala, Jonas, Ormund, and Lydia were added to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.


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