ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Twas the Night Before ACKS-Mas

Heading out in search of a monster seen in the area on Yuletide-eve, the party comes across a cabin in the woods. The farmers at the cabin say their children have been kidnapped by a horrible goat-man. Following the strange tracks the beast left, the party heads into the woods. They come to a clearing where they find a cave in the side of a large hill.

Guarding the cave are snow-golems. The party slays the golems quickly and head into the cave. They soon find the cave is a twisted version of Yuletide. Gremlins in red suits and hats make implements of punishment of children and animated evergreens guard magic portals. Heading farther into the cave, they find Krampus torturing the children. Discovering that Krampus is immune to normal weapons, the party contemplated running, but a quick thinking Schala cast a light spell on Krampus’s eyes, blinding him. Bock hit Krampus in the nards with Orcnail, they grabbed the kids, and ran.

The kids turned out to be real brats. When the party returned the children to their parents, the farmers attacked the party, threatening to sacrifice them to their dark gods. They slew the farmers which turned into horrible dopplegangers when they died.

Along came an old druid in a reindeer-pulled sleigh and gave the party gifts for defeating Krampus and the dopplegangers.


Kord bless us…every one

Twas the Night Before ACKS-Mas
Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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