ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Werewolf? Therewolf!

The party heard several rumors, but decided follow up on one about Baron Ruekesh. It is rumored that he is wooing the Marchioness Resbin Dren Emondavsince her husband, Marquis Querchard, has been missing for months. Not liking the sound of a werewolf cannibal being the nominal ruler of Sterich, the party travelled to Istvin. They encountered a band of wereboars and their dire boar friends and defeated them. After snooping around town for a few days, the party heard a rumor from a sewer worker that he claims to be able to hear the screams of the missing Marquis in a certain part of the sewers. When they go back to find him, the worker has gone missing as well. They talk to his brother and he points the party to the part of the sewer his brother worked in.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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