Amos Moses

Hunter of alligator and lizardmen.


Level 5 Barbarian from the swamps.
HP 37
AC 4
Proficiencies: Fighting Style (Two-handed weapon), Ambushing, Trapping, Tracking

Abilities: Combat Trickery: Wrestling, Animal Reflexes 1 init/1surprise, Naturally Stealthy -1 surprise rolls, Savage Resilience, Animal Magnetism.

Armor: Chainmail 1
Weapons: Alligator whacking club (5
attack, 1d10+5 dmg), Javelin (8+ attack, 1d6 dmg), Net (Wrestle 5+ attack)


Amos Moses lived by himself in the swamp hunting alligator and Lizardmen for a living. Knock ’em on the head with a stump. Now, everybody blamed his old man for raising him mean as a snake. When Amos Moses was a boy, his Daddy would tie a rope around his waist use him as alligator bait.

Amos Moses

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