Bock, son of Brokk

A Dwarven Vaultguard, sent on a warrior's pilgrimage, seeking gold, glory, and the chance to return home to guard his own vault.


Level 7 Dwarven Vaultguard (Champion). AC 15 (wears Plate + 2 and cloak of protection + 1 and wields a shield + 3), HP 47, Sword + 2, + 4 vs. giants “Jätte Draeber” (1 + attack, d6+8 damage, -1 + attack, d6 + 10 damage vs. giants), Weapon and Shield fighting style, Open Door 2+, Detect Secret Doors 10+ (18+ on casual inspection), Hear Noise 10+, Find Traps 14+.

Wasted 27,000gp.
Banked 40,000gp.


Bock, son of Brokk, of Clan Steeltoe of the Crystalmist Mountains has been sent on a warrior’s pilgrimage. After the giant attacks in recent years, many damaged and destroyed vaults no longer require guarding. Let the craftsmen rebuild the vaults, and, if Moradin so wills it, Bock Steeltoe shall return to guard them, and bring with him much gold and glory!

Bock recently took advantage of the group’s time off to play the role of “Gloin” in the new Peter Jackson movie.

Bock, son of Brokk

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