Elvish Spellsword


class: Spellsword
race: Elf
Level: 4
AC: 10
HP: 25
str: 13 Int: 16 Wis: 8 Dex 12 Con: 13 Chr: 9

Proficiencies: Adventuring, Collegiate Wizardry, Fighting Style – Single Weapon, Riding, Naturalism, Mystic Aura

Spells: Sleep, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Charm Person, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, Detect Invisible, Levitate

Weapons: “Whisper” Sword +1 – (an Elvish blade that makes no sound when drawn), Dagger, Bow & Arrows, Fine Elven Plate Mail, shield +1
“The Sentinel” a powerful glove, that provides many magical benefits. The Sentinel after completing its mission, is now a ring of protection +1 that stacks with armor.


A shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark and desolate world, Lordinel has traveled to the land of Geoff on an emissary of goodwill from the Elven Kingdoms. He comes wielding the skill, lore, and deadliness of magic and graceful swordplay! A lover of all things natural, Lordinel quests to rid the lands of Geoff of this Chaotic uprising. He seeks to prove his mettle, and honor his birthright of Elven nobility.

Lordinel has joined an adventuring party, traveling with many humans and dwarves, earning their friendship and trust with his magical prowess and sword fighting ability.

Lordinel came into possession of The Sentinel – a mighty glove with many magical protection qualities. He used this glove to defend the Keep of Anderweg, ultimately using the glove to destroy its evil counterpart – The Gauntlet of Anderweg. Now the Sentinel has reverted to a Ring of Protection and no longer has its artifact level magic. News of this event is spreading across the lands of Geoff and beyond.


ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff Hexxenhammer Khoovy