Level 2 Neutral Fighter
STR 18, INT 6, WIS 7, DEX 13, CON 14, CHR 10
HP 17, AC 5, Move (base) 90
Two-handed sword: Throw 6+, DMG 1d10+5
Crossbow: Throw 8+, DMG 1d6+1
Saves: P&P 14+ P&D 13+ B&B 15+ S&W 15+ Spells 17+
Proficiencies: Fighting Style-2 handed, Labor-farming
Equipment: 2-handed sword, chainmail, crossbow, 20 quarrels, boots, backpack, cloak, dagger, 2 weeks iron rations, 15gp, 18sp.


Plow is a local farm-boy whose family was killed by orcs during the invasion. Now that he’s old enough, he wants to help take back Geoff.

He was hired by Mozgov as a henchman.


ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff Hexxenhammer StephenMoeller