A handsome, intelligent, likeable bard.


Sterling: the name says it all. Whether performing at the most popular tavern in the village (naturally whichever tavern that Sterling is frequenting) or inspiring the soon-to-be legendary Sterling’s Shields, this handsome bard may be as wonderful as he thinks he is. He values his trusty companions and perhaps naively believes that he can make the world a better place. Joined by his loyal elf companion, Cydifor, Sterling brandishes his magical spear, his trusty crossbow and his pitch perfect lute to liberate Geoff from all things malevolent.


Sterling was actually born of modest beginnings, the son of a simple laborer named Rolf. He was named Bo, but his talent, wisdom and good looks advanced him beyond his station. He apprenticed with master musicians, learned to defend himself and soon claimed the moniker that brought him great renown: Sterling. After some time building his reputation, Sterling set up a permanent shop where he soon befriended a band of heroes. After many successful adventures, Sterling employed Cydifor, an elvish ranger, to be his guard and right hand man. Sir Nose D’voidoffunk beware!


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