Ring of Human Command


Command Human: This ring grants the wearer the ability to command humans, demi-humans, and/or humanoids up to 60’ away. Humans totaling 6 Hit Dice can be commanded (0th level humans are treated as half of a Hit Die for this calculation). The targets may resist the effect with a saving throw versus Wands. The commanded creatures will respond to the caster’s will and do whatever is commanded of them.The effect lasts so long as concentration is maintained, and the user can take no other actions while concentrating. Once control ends, commanded creatures will not be well disposed to the ring wearer, and any reaction rolls suffer a penalty of -1. The ring may be used once per turn.


A wizard cultist of the Elder Elemental Eye almost defeated the party when everyone failed their saving throws. Except for Squeezer. Squeezer saved and then attacked the wizard, breaking his control of the party.

Lost when Jonas was struck down by a giant’s stone.

Ring of Human Command

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