ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

The Moathouse

Having recently arrived in the city of Istvin to seek their fortunes, the PC’s are summoned to the manse of Baron Ruekesh. Baron Ruekesh hired them to clear a keep known as the Moathouse that he claims is his ancestral property. If he could settle that land again his claim for Sterich nobility would be much easier to pursue.

The PC’s managed to, with difficulty and a few casualties, take back the Moathouse from the kobolds and cultists that had taken it over. They also adopted Squeezer.


After finishing with the Moathouse, the party sets out for Oytpass Keep to help the Geoff liberation cause. On their way, they were attacked by white apes. After defeating them, they found a dying gnome scout from Oytpass Keep. Not having the resources to explore the ape’s cave, they continued to Oytpass Keep.

At the keep, they encountered Captain Grornik Thunderbellows who was looking for the gnome scout the party had encountered. The scout was carrying important plans that the captain badly needed. After resting, the party headed out again to find the plans in the ape’s cave.

Upon returning to the cave, they encountered not only apes, but morlocks, slaying many and pushing deeper into the cave.


The party pushed deeper into the morlock caves, slaying them wherever they found them. They were weak, but got in a couple lucky shots, knocking Mozgov out with a club to the face, knocking his four front teeth out. Harbet was smashed in the back and now has chronic lower-back pain.

Outside the morlock chief’s room, they encountered some lizardmen who warned the party not to go further than the morlock caves. After slaying the chief, they rested and in the morning found one more room crawling with baby morlocks eating the corpses of the gnome scouts. On the bodies they found the plans they were looking for and a Treasure Map.

Back at the keep, they delivered the plans to Captain Grornik Thunderbellows but kept the treasure map for themselves.

Then it was to the tavern to see about hiring some more help. Bock, son of Brokk found a distant cousin, Thraq Steeltoe, and hired him as a henchman. Mozgov also hired a farm-boy turned fighter, Plow, after being rejected by two bladedancers.

ACKS Marks the Spot

Returning to their barracks in Oytpass Keep for the night after hiring more henchmen, the party was ambushed by a wererat, giant rats, and a swarm of normal rats. Bock, thinking swifty, headed straight for the wererat with his new magic hammer, while Mozgov, Schala, and Harbet fought off the rats. The swarm kept dragging them to the ground, but once Bock had slain the wererat and the others all the giant rats, the swarm dispersed.

After recovering from their wounds, the party set out to follow their Treasure Map to Oytmeet. They were incredibly lucky and did not encounter a single soul on the two-day journey by horseback. They found a gully to hide their horses and Mozgov scouted the city. Seeing that a group of human slaves guarded by orgres leaves the city everyday to herd sheep, Schala decided to try to infiltrate the keep disguised as a shepherd. Schala talks to one of the slaves, but is discovered by one of the ogres that chases her, but is unable to catch her.

Finally deciding to swim the river in the morning while the orc guards in the watchtowers try to avoid the sunlight, the party reaches the city. They then crawled through the sewers and thanks to Thraq’s direction sense find city hall.

They quickly bashed open the door and found some sleeping orcs in one of the nearby rooms. Unfortunately, not all the orcs were asleep and a giant melee ensued.

Orks and Dorks

As the party battled the orcs in the former city hall of Oytmeet, Igneel and another cleric named Nodnarb entered the fray. Expertly blocking off the hallways and stationing their strongest fighters against the orcs trying to overrun them, the party was able to hold their own against overwhelming numbers of enemies. Off the hallway was an old courtroom that had been converted to the quarters of an orc witch-doctor. Before the evil spellcaster could web the party,
Schala put the orcs in the courtroom to sleep. Finishing off the orcs in on the lower floor, they made their way to the kitchen, where two huge ogre cooks were. Here they also met Lydia, a slave of the orcs who had been training to escape for years. She was equipped as a bladedancer, and expertly stabbed one of the ogres as the fight started. The party quickly finished off the ogres.

Orcs & Dorks 2: Electrum Boogaloo

While finishing exploring the ground floor, the party found a thief named Ormund hanging in a cage in a pantry. Freeing him and his wardog, Fido, the party continued on. The orcs on the top floor seemed to know the party was in the building and they overheard them planning to summon “the ettins.”

The party managed to taunt an ogre champion named Zort to come down and fight them. After slaying Zort, the party charged upstairs where more orcs, ogres, and the orc chief and shaman were. Schala put her sleep spell to good use, putting almost all the orcs to sleep and saving the party from the shaman’s hold person spell.

As the party counted up their loot, they heard the front door being smashed open…

Ap-orc-alypse III: Armag-Ettin

Hearing an ettin smash his way into city hall, the party quickly prepared themselves for battle. Nodnarb was smashed to the ground in one hit. Realizing the ettin might be out of their league, the party decided to retreat out one of the second-floor window. Ormund heroically tried to acrobatically grab Nodnarb and jump down the stairs with his unconscious body. He failed spectacularly, rolling down the stairs with Nodnarb’s body and landing at the feet of two orcs guarding the door.

The rest of the party jumped out the second story window, chased by the ettin. Once in the street, Lydia realized that the slaves in the barracks across the street had overcome their captors and were making an escape. After slaying the orcs attacking Ormund, the party fled with the slaves away from city hall and the ettin.

Fleeing for the bridges over the river, the party encountered orcs and ogres guarding the bridge. A bloody fight ensued and the ettin caught up to them. After failing to escape from it, they finally stood their ground and through dumb luck were able to defeat it.

The party managed to make it back to Oytpass Keep where the were greeted as heroes and liberators.

Twas the Night Before ACKS-Mas

Heading out in search of a monster seen in the area on Yuletide-eve, the party comes across a cabin in the woods. The farmers at the cabin say their children have been kidnapped by a horrible goat-man. Following the strange tracks the beast left, the party heads into the woods. They come to a clearing where they find a cave in the side of a large hill.

Guarding the cave are snow-golems. The party slays the golems quickly and head into the cave. They soon find the cave is a twisted version of Yuletide. Gremlins in red suits and hats make implements of punishment of children and animated evergreens guard magic portals. Heading farther into the cave, they find Krampus torturing the children. Discovering that Krampus is immune to normal weapons, the party contemplated running, but a quick thinking Schala cast a light spell on Krampus’s eyes, blinding him. Bock hit Krampus in the nards with Orcnail, they grabbed the kids, and ran.

The kids turned out to be real brats. When the party returned the children to their parents, the farmers attacked the party, threatening to sacrifice them to their dark gods. They slew the farmers which turned into horrible dopplegangers when they died.

Along came an old druid in a reindeer-pulled sleigh and gave the party gifts for defeating Krampus and the dopplegangers.

Let me ACKS You a Question

Free to pursue whatever goals they chose, the party decided to find the hill giants they spotted returning from Oytmeet with the refugees. On the journey there, they came upon a gorgon crossing the barely used road. The terrible beast immediately charged. In the battle, sSchala was turned to stone by the monster’s breath. Her stone body was fused to her horse’s body and there was no way to move her.

Tracking the gorgon back to its lair, Ormund sneaked inside the cave. There he discovered five other gorgons and several statues of other victims. He retreated and the party moved on.

Mozgov picked up the trail of some hill giants where they had been spotted before. They found four hill giants lairing on top of a hill in some ruins. Jonas used his ventriloquism spell to lure a giant away from the camp and the party ambushed it, easily slaying it. The other three realized they were being fooled and decided to investigate but were also rather easily slain.

After looting the giant’s treasure, the party headed back to Oytpass Keep. Just a few miles from the keep the giants had their revenge. Eight hill giants, four on either side of the road. The party bolted past, trying to escape, but the brutal barrage of boulders felled Jonas, Lydia, and Ormund.

The survivors reached the keep and are attempting to rally a force to pursue the giants.

Shala, Jonas, Ormund, and Lydia were added to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

ACKSing For It

Gathering a few dozen soldiers to their cause, the party headed out into the wilderness to follow the hill giant bushwackers. The giants headed north east, skirting an old battlefield that the party decided to cross to make up some time. Unfortunately, it was haunted and ghouls ate some of their men. Next they came across a huge bandit camp. After some discussion, they ran away. Continuing on, they had just about caught up with the giants when they found The Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftain. Looking upon this huge fortress, the party once again wussed out and ran away like pussies.

Deciding to go fight some 1 hit dice orcs back in Oytmeet. They found the city smashed by rocks that seemed to have been dropped straight out of the sky. They also saw a sinister cloud that didn’t move with the wind and then followed them as they yet again ran away.


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