Istivin gate
Istvin – pop. 5,000: Large City, Class II market

Istvin is the capital of Sterich. Because of the influx of squabbling nobles, merchants looking to establish trade routes, smugglers, and adventurers pillaging the ruins left behind by the giants, Istvin has a huge criminal element. Caravan drivers, porters, and many laborers probably claim some small membership in one of these organizations.

Organization Guild Type Members Boss/Level Hijinks
Red Scarves Thieves 375 Jessep/10 Everything
Vipers Thieves 100 Sinth/7 Everything
Istvin Watch Thieves 100 The Captain/7 Smuggling/Stealing
Calico Cats Thieves 100 Lucky/7 Stealing/Treasure Hunting
Troubleshooters Thieves 16 Montag/5 Everything
Blackblades Assassins 42 Pierce/7 Assassination/Spying
The Brothers Nightblades 16 Luna/5 Assassination/Spying

Location: Hex 53 80


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