ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

ACKS Not What Lizardmen Can Do For You...

After the battle, the party resumed travel to Waycombe. They encountered Bartolomo Trume, the leader of the Duke’s expedition to defeat the bandits. He said he was the only survivor of the unit. For some reason, the party didn’t trust him, and wouldn’t give him a horse or any other help in getting back to the Duke’s castle.

The party reached the city of Waycombe and found it abandoned except for the innkeeper, who said he was leaving as soon as he’d finished packing. He said the bandit raids had made everyone abandon town. There were also rumors of a dragon about. He said if they were looking for someone to lead them through the swamp, crazy dude Stephen Mataiss was who they should find.

So the party found Stephen in his hut on the edge of the swamp, and between crazy talk about the return of Sakatha, he agreed to lead them into the swamp on his skiffs.

After three days of travel the party reached a mud hill with stairs leading to a raised platform with columns. There they fought some bandits and entered the temple. Water weirds threatened to drown them, but they discovered the secret to defeating them. Then Aulicus the black dragon appeared through a secret door. After blasting his acid only once, the party cut him down with no mercy.

Taking Aulicus’s treasure, the party decided to retreat to Waycombe for now.


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