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Agrivax the Doomblade/Doomedblade

Casey Garske
In Game Discussion – Aug 28, 2013

Symes puts some feelers out about magic items for sale in town. He gets one lead. There’s a weapon dealer named Gibbs who has come into possession of a magic sword. Sounds like he wants to move it fast. Rumor is he only wants 6000 gp for it.

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

What can Symes find out about Gibbs? Symes wants to feel it out for several approaches to gaining the sword (keep in mind while this is going on Symes is being cautious about the speed that Gibbs wants to be rid of this artifact):

Is Gibbs a gambler? Confident in his gambling abilities, Symes might try to get it cheaper through a wager.
Is Gibbs known for evil things? (justifying that Symes can just slaughter him – although Symes is unaligned so for a magic sword he may not care…)
Is Symes or Harbet aware if it is stolen? This doesn’t necessarily prevent Symes from wanting it just making sure he knows who he’d want to see it…
Symes is interested in if Gibbs ever traffics in other magic items (Symes really wants a magic bow)

PS – Symes doesn’t have 6000, I’ll have to check but Harbet may be able to back him up (as a loan)

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

Also if Gibbs moves the sword before Symes has a chance to make a play for it, Symes will want to try to track where that sword goes and entertain the possibility of taking the 6000gp from Gibbs or taking the sword from the new owner. After all, Symes IS a “Slayer” now.

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

Reminder link for the Istvin Underworld:

Symes has a contact, Weasel, in the Blackblades assassin guild he asks about Gibbs. Weasel says Gibbs works as a fence for the Calico Cats. He’s as trustworthy as any fence, so not very. For information beyond that, Symes will need to make a Hear Noise roll. And since that’s not a class skill for an assassin, he needs an 18+.

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

And the dice gods decreed there were no bows available.

Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (The David Frost Show 1969)‎

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

Hear Noise roll (python random number, not real dice): 15

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

What are the predicted repercussions of killing a member of the Calico Cats? Probably not good. Looks like I’ll have to see when I get home if Harbet and Symes can pool together 6k

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

Hits on “made” men and not the lvl 0 ruffians or level 1 thieves are forbidden without the approval of the heads of the two guilds involved. So yeah, not good. Unless you can do it and cover your tracks. But you’ve already talked to a guy named “Weasel” about Gibbs.

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

Ok, I will still check the combined coffers of Symes and Harbet tonight, but do any of our party members have enough knowledge (common knowledge) to know that Symes would be getting screwed out of this deal?

my assumptions I’d like confirmed through common knowledge of the party:
- its not cursed, since many cursed items would not be able to be sold by someone who didn’t place the curse on the item itself
- its a +1 sword based on its value
- +1 sword has a base value of 5000 so he would be getting a raw deal if he paid more than that
- there is no owner that would come back to bite Symes for openly owning a fenced item since it is over the +1 base price

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

PS – I love this. I love the world building and random table rolls, even if I can’t see the results and only the consequences. Also is there any reason that I wouldn’t share my knowledge about Weasel and Gibbs with the rest of the party? If that seems reasonable I can add them to the OP page.

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

Yeah, this is fun. Way better than the forums on OP.

You can share your knowledge with anyone you want. If you’re looking for basic knowledge of magic weapons, people to ask might be Sterling +John Lee or Lordinel +Keith Hoovestol. 

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

And an ACKS rules point. A plus one weapon has a base retail of 10,000gp, twice its creation price. 6000 is cheap. 

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

Oh, I misread that then. I was under the assumption that you sell items for x2 base cost if you make them because they don’t have a “dubious background” and for base cost if you find them, steal them, etc. And I thought the base cost was 5000gp based on the Magic Item creation table on pg 118.

pg 227
“Adventurers can sell magic items they have made for twice the
base cost to make the item. (Magic items made from a formula or
sample can thus command a great margin!) Adventurers can sell
identified magic items found, discovered, looted, or otherwise
acquired for the base cost to make the item.”

Are you sure you aren’t inflating the price with the added cost of commissioning the item?
Total cost = (Base price + precious materials + special components) + completion price
completion price = 7000gp/month or 2x base cost (higher of the 2)

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

The tricky thing is this is all “what adventurers can do.” What you know is that there’s a sword for 6000gp. You’re not sure of the sword’s history or origin.

An adventurer may have sold it to the fence for the 5000gp, and now the fence is marking it up 1000gp for his margin. Or any other of a number of reasons.

Do Symes and Harbet want to make an appointment to meet Gibbs? Do they want to take anyone else along with?

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

After I check my balance tonight, I may need to bring someone else in who has “bargaining.” Also I may want to propose some kind of gamble to take advantage of that proficiency of Symes’s, so you can start thinking about how ability rolls might play into that.

Barry LovsethAug 29, 2013

Ok, Jefe offered to do some negotiating (this could change the price to 5400 or 6600 depending on Gibbs’ bargaining proficiency and Jefe’s roll). Symes and Harbet together only have 5679. So I am looking at doing 2 things:
-borrowing about 1k from a party member, waiting on Vexaria to agree first before going on to any others
-trying to get Gibbs to wager some kind of gambling bet and hopefully not make the price even worse

If I can’t get a party member to give me that kind of cash, are the Calico Cats into loan sharking?

Casey GarskeAug 29, 2013

Anyone want to borrow Harbet and Symes 1000gp?

You’d have to talk to a Calico Cat about a loan.

John LeeYesterday 9:08 AM

I don’t have my character with me at work, but if I have it, I’ll lend it. I’ll just remind Harbet that I need something for better armor in the field and something enchanted for other situations (if we ever come across artifacts like those).

Barry LovsethYesterday 9:12 AM

Ok, I’ll take the cash from Sterling if I need it.

Jefe and/or Gretel offered to do a streetwise check (hear noise) to help me determine its previous ownership. I still want to buy it if its stolen, but I want to know who to avoid. I also want to know if it is leverage I can use to negotiate a better price (or for Jefe to use). Known stolen items should probably be able to get a cheaper price than the normal 10% bonus of Bargaining.

Casey GarskeYesterday 9:19 AM

Alrighty, extra cash from Sterling.

+Andy Garske should make hear noise rolls for Jefe and Gretel to try to learn where the sword comes from.

Barry LovsethYesterday 9:22 AM

How does it work for 2 characters? 2 rolls, take the best? Or weaker person assists the better for static bonus?

Casey GarskeYesterday 9:24 AM

Both roll. One piece of info per success. 

Andy GarskeYesterday 11:59 AM

Jefe rolled a 10 on a 10+
Gretel rolled a 19 on a 9+

Casey GarskeYesterday 12:28 PM

Jefe learns the sword was brought back from an expedition mounted by the Calico Cats to some ruins in the Crystalmist mountains. Your contact, a low-level Calico named Sugar, won’t say where exactly. Guild business.

Gretel learns from some dwarves that a Calico Cat tomb-raiding expedition suffered high casualties and were escorted out of the mountains by dwarf scouts.

Barry LovsethYesterday 1:06 PM

Sweet, sounds reputable enough. No real leverage though for a better price based on stolen merchandise. So if Gibbs has Bargaining, we’ll need Andy and Casey to roll opposed reaction rolls. If not, then I’ll just complete the transaction with the 10% lower price from Jefe’s Bargaining: 5400
Note: if Jefe wins by the roll or by default I will not need the loan from Sterling.

Casey GarskeYesterday 1:41 PM

So, I assume Harbet, Symes, and Jefe arrange a meeting with Gibbs. He takes you to the back of his shop where there are a couple of bodyguards, “Can’t be too careful, can you? You guys know what I’m talkin’ about,” and opens a safe. He takes out a sword wrapped in silk and lays it on a table in front of you. With the flourish of a showman, he reveals the sword in its scabbard. “Behold! Agrivax the Doomblade! Leastwise, that’s what it says on the scabbard.” And he points out some runes.

He starts bargaining with Jefe and gets an 8.

Andy GarskeYesterday 2:29 PM

Jefe rolls an 18 on a d20 (is that what I’m rolling with?). 

Casey GarskeYesterday 2:31 PM

2d6+CHA bonus for reaction.

Andy GarskeYesterday 2:39 PM

Rolled a 12. Max sucka. 

Casey GarskeYesterday 2:46 PM

Gibbs says, “You drive a hard bargain, friends. Ok, 5,400 gold it is.”

+Barry Lovseth you can deduct your gold and take your purchase.

Barry LovsethYesterday 3:10 PM

Excellent! Thanks +Andy Garske !
No loan needed after all +John Lee or +Jon Lovseth .

Harbet says, “Many thanks, Gibbs. You’ll be sure to let us know if you come into possession of similarly powered artifacts?”

Casey GarskeYesterday 3:24 PM

“Oh, absolutely, sir! You can count on it,” Gibbs says.

Symes will be wielding Agrivax the Doomblade, correct?

Barry LovsethYesterday 3:39 PM

Yes. If its cursed, it is Symes’s curse.

Casey GarskeYesterday 3:48 PM1

It’s a +2 sword. The hilt is a serpent that coils around itself, becoming the crossguard and finally the head eating the tail in the center of the guard.

Symes thinks it’s pretty light and fast, like a snake.

Barry LovsethYesterday 3:53 PM

Sheesh!, now we have 2 henchmen with 2 weapons(Jon Lovseth ). Harbet and Symes may need to have a chat…

Casey GarskeYesterday 3:55 PM

No metagaming. 


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