ACKS: The Liberation of Geoff

Sewer? I Barely Know Her!"

Following Mario the sewer worker into the unfortunately CHUDless sewers, the party found a blood splatter on the tunnel floor that clued them to the existence of a secret door. The door revealed a staircase that led far beneath the sewers of Istvin. They found themselves in an ancient catacomb, the walls covered in bones from top to bottom.

Investigating, they found a pile of treasure on a pressure plate. Above the treasure was a frescoe in ancient style depicting the founding of the city. Written in an ancient form of common is the following:

_ We are the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of Istvin. We built this city (On Rock & Roll) to last 10,000 years. These are our spoils. If you are worthy, they are yours. If you are not, you will join us._

The party ignored the schmuck bait and continued to the next room. In this room was a statue of a woman with her arm outstretched. at the other end of the room were two statues of dire wolves with their arms outstretched. The party discovered that to open any doors one needs to place their arms in the wolves mouth’s which then clamp down preventing escape, name the door, and the statue shoots a magic missile at the trapped person, opening the door.

Exploring further, the party fought bone golems that emerged from the skeleton covered walls. They then found five sarcophagi that they immediately tried to loot, releasing the wights inside. Sterling and Vexeria lost levels, but the wights were defeated and their treasure looted.

Opening another door, the party revealed a large room full of zombies and a three-skulled creature that seemed to be in command of them. Four drow were chained to pillars in the room, almost dead from torture. With three clerics in the party, the zombies and skull lord were defeated.


Hexxenhammer Khoovy

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