Bravo! the Italian Elf

Master Chef and spellsword


Elven Spellsword

Potion: Undead Control
Scroll: Ward against elementals
Misc Weapon: Trollbane Sword 1/3 vs. Regenerating creatures
Armor: +2 plate mail

Proficiency: Master Crafsman: Cooking, Unflappable Casting, Battle Magic

L1: Magic Missile, Magic Mouth, Ventriliquism,
L2: Continual Light, Mirror Image
L3: Infravision, Lightning Bolt


Bravo was a cook in a Lord’s castle. He studied magic under the wizards in the castle and swordsplay from the knights. He didn’t expect he’d need to use them to defend the castle. When it was besieged by trolls, he tried to fight them off, but wasn’t strong enough at that time. Since then he’s become quite and adventurer.
He enjoys adventuring and cooking. Especially when he has a chance to vanquish trolls in a heroic fashion.

Bravo! the Italian Elf

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