Level 7 Fighter. AC 14, HP 41.
Proficiencies: Fighting Style (Weapon and Shield), Healing, Military Strategy, Manual of Arms, Riding
Notable gear: Blood Drinker, Bronze Eagle Shield, Cloak of Protection +3, Plate Mail +1, Content Not Found: potion-of-giant-strength_, Periapt of Health, _Content Not Found: trident-of-warning


Harbet, the only son of a mildly successful warlord seemed destined to take his father’s place. From an early age, he took up the sword and practiced with his father’s troops. Even as a young child he showed great strength and even more impressively than the sword, he hefted his father’s warband’s iron shields with ease. He became fiercely defensive of his friends, not necessarily starting fights but always finishing them. Right before the evil humanoids occupied the lands, Harbet’s father sent him and his mother away. Still at a young age, Harbet was deeply upset that his father wouldn’t want him by his side.

The years passed and Harbet’s mother grew ill with madness. He took care of her the best he could, but became resentful and almost felt relieved when the sickness finally claimed her. With nothing left to lose, Harbet set out to make a name for himself and one day become a warlord like his father. He knows his father is likely dead, but still wonders what became of him more out of curiosity than any unrealistic bond that could have survived over all of these years.


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