Thraq Steeltoe

Lvl 6 Dwarven Craftpriest henchman


Level 6 Lawful Dwarven Craftpriest
STR 13, INT 10, WIS 18, DEX 6, CON 13, CHR 10
HP 29, AC 7, Move (base) 120
Battle Axe + 1 “Iarskiver”: Throw 6 +, DMG 1d6 + 2
Proficiencies: Dwarven Brewing, Caving, Craft: Armorer (Master Craftsman)
Equipment: +1 Battle Axe “Iarskiver”, Dwarven Plate of the Diplomat, Shield + 1, holy symbol of Moradin, Scroll of Smite Undead, Scroll of Ward against Undead, Potion of Clairvoyance, Potion of Dragon Control, Potion of Healing, 103gp, 43sp

Banked 12,250gp (to be collected by his family back home in case of his demise)


Thraq Steeltoe is a craftpriest without a vault. Like many of his clan, he has traveled to Oytpass Keep to join the fight against the giants and humanoids occupying Geoff.

Thraq Steeltoe

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